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Head Wrap Tutorials&Member Reviews

Ready2Wear™ Collection

Couples Collection

Member Reviews

"I love my turbans!" - Queen D. MD


"I love my handmade tags! I haven't been feeling inspired lately but now that I have the tags I need to get to work & start creating!" - Queen E. NC


"Oh my goodness! I wear my headwrap everyday! People can tell my confidence is through the roof!" - Queen  E. D.C


"This woman stopped me and told me how much she loved my floral turban. She said her husband passed away years ago and he would've loved that!" - Queen D. MD

"The children at my school loved my custom  head wrap! It held their attention the entire time!" - Queen  F. MD

"I love my vial necklace and the mustard seed necklace! My friend loves it too. I gave him your card." - Queen K. MN

"I need to order more in all colors. Can I just send you the fabric I want and you make them?" - Queen  R. S-MD

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