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Reparations T (golden)

"Nah, I'll wait on my vaccine!" What about you?!


The inspiration behind this shirt was due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. More specifically the propaganda that black people were more predisposed to the virus because of our, all too often, family history of pre-existing conditions. Therefore, the government wants to administer the vaccine QUICKLY to black people & we say HELL NO! 

We understand misinformation.

If the government wants to do something quickly for black people, QUICKLY GET US OUR REPARATIONS CHECK & AID IN OUR LIBERATION!


Our shirts are sure to spark a conversation & that is the point! We need to discuss & encourage difficult & uncomfortable conversations in order to grow as a civilization.

There is truth to our shirts,  facts even! 


T-Shirt Color: Golden Yellow

Text Color: Black

100% Cotton

Relaxed fit

Ribbed Crewneck

T-Shirt Brand: Heavy Cotton Gilden®


**The shirt pictured is customized with Swarovski crystals. The actual shirt doesn't come with crystals


To place a custom order fill out the custom order form via


*A portion of all proceeds will go towards black liberation efforts.



Reparations T (golden)

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