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Amina Scorpion Wrap

Our Scorpion Wrap is an extra-long tube with (2) 59" inch straps! The Scorpion wrap is great for short hair, long hair, bald heads, dreads, wigs and more! 


Please note: If you have long dreads this is the perfect extra-long dread sock! Also, if you have extra-long hair this is the perfect solution to get your hair up and off of your neck!


How to Wrap

There are several ways to wrap your hair/head that are not mentioned below. Get creative & play with your straps and tube to see all of the different style combinations that are possible. 


The Tube

Slide the tube onto your head as you would any cap. Then you can decide how you would like the tube. You can fold it over several times to make it about 5 inches wide OR you can fold the tube in half OR you can leave the tube long. The style and look is completely up to you! 


Please note: Depending on the style and "look" you are going for the straps can be at the front or the back. Remember! The way you wrap your hair/head is completely up to you, be creative!       


The Straps

Style 1: Take each strap (make sure the straps are laying flat) and wrap each around your hair/head one after another until you have just enough strap left at the back (or the front) to tuck neatly.


Style 2: Take the two straps and twist them together all the way to the end creating a long twisted strand. Then take the strand and wrap it continuously around your head/hair until you have enough left to tuck neatly. 


Style 3: Keep the two strands directly at the back and place two fingers at the center and you wrap the two strands around to form a small bun hold the bun firmly as you continue to wrap the strands around the small bun gradually creating a larger bun and then tuck the end of the strands securely in toward the back of the bun (the part closest to your head). This style is perfect with the bun sitting at the front or back!


Tube Dimensions

20" Length

22"-24" Wide

Strap Dimensions

3.5" Wide 

59" Length

Amina Scorpion Wrap

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