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How to Measure Your Head For A Headwrap

Tools Needed

· Adult or Infant Head

· Measuring tape (Use a flexible, non-stretchable measuring tape.)

· Paper & Pen to write down measurements

· 2 hands or a friend of family member to help

Before you begin, ensure nothing is on your head that would alter the measurements.

When you’re measuring the circumference of a head, certain hairstyles can add bulk and throw off the measurements.

Even if your hair isn’t in a style that adds bulk to your head, the way you’re wearing it can affect your measurements. Remove any clips, barrettes, or other accessories that might alter the measurements.

1. Take the tape measure and place it at the center front of your forehead.

Sit the tape about 3-inches (7.5-cm) above the brows.

*Ensure tape is laying flat against forehead

2. From that point, wrap the measuring tape around your head, and just above the ears

Place the measuring tape 1-inch (2.5-cm) above the tops of your ears

It should look similar to this:

3. Wrap the tape around the back to rest in the middle of the occipital bone.

Pull the tape around the back of the head, making sure to keep it in place across the forehead. You should place the tape so it sits in the middle of the bone, which is the small bump that you can feel at the back of the head.

Please note: You don’t want to pull the measuring tape too tight.

4. Pinch the place where the tape meets the other end and carefully remove it from your head.

Make note of the measurement which would be your head circumference.

Knowing this size will help you choose the proper headwrap size!

Measurment tip: We recommend taking the measurement several times to ensure accuracy.

***To eliminate the guess work, most of our Queens&Kings love our medium fit. If you have thick hair or long dreads, I would recommend a large instead.

What if I don’t have measuring tape?

If you don’t have a flexible, non-stretchable measuring tape, you can use a non-stretchy piece of string. Wrap it around the head as suggested and mark it to indicate the circumference. Next, lay the string out on a flat surface and use a ruler to measure it. The measurements won’t be as accurate, but it can still give you a good idea of the head circumference.

How do I measure an infants head?

It’s the same steps!

1. Place the measuring tape just above the eyebrows and ears. It’s important to measure the child’s circumference at the widest part of the head. Set the tape right above the ears so it's nearly touching them and line it up on forehead so it sits over the brows.

2. Pull the tape around the back where the head slopes up from the neck. With the measuring tape in place above the ears and brows, wrap it around the back of the head. Be careful not to pull it too tight.

3. Lay the tape where the head slopes up from the neck. Make sure the tape lays flat against the back of head where the slope is most pronounced. Overlap the tape slightly to get the most accurate measurement, and note the number.

Measuring your babys head is important in ensuring your child’s head is growing and developing as it should be.

Written by: Queen Jam Wright Founder of Queen&King

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