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Custom Face Masks

Thanks for choosing Queen&King™ to make your Face Mask during the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Features of our Mask:

-Wire for a snug fit around the nose

-Straps to tie at the back of the head OR Elastic bands for ears

-Filter pocket w/ filter PLUS an extra replacement filter

-Mesh bag for safe & clean storage

*FILTER USED: Filtrete™ 2500 Air Filter that protects from premium allergen & Ultrafine Particles

Please note: Mask comes with a filter already inserted

Mask Sizes 

*Please note: If you are unable to measure, most adults will fit the Adult Small-Medium.

Most kids up to 12 yrs can fit kids



Which mask size do I choose?


L: 9" x W: 2.5"

Adult (Small-Medium)

L: 10" x W: 3"

Adult(Large-Extra Large)

L: 10.5" x W: 3.5"


How do I measure my face?

Length Measurement: Measure from one ear, across the bridge of your nose to your other ear (place the tip of the measuring tape at the back of the ear where the elastic will rest)


Width Measurement: Measure from the bridge of the nose down to just below the chin.


Please Note: Pattern placement may vary.

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